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D-Virus is a short RPG made with RPG Maker MV to participate in the Major Jam, wich theme was Cosmic.

The Devilnitive Edition is out! You can play it right now!


Playing as the rookie Melissa Casanova, you must use the power of your HERZ to fight against a devilish virus that spreaded through Wittelsbach spaceship. The HERZ is the only way to defeat these demons!

Get the help of a charismatic cast of characters and save your spaceship from this menace! Everyone have their own reason to be there and to survive, so use their skills to finish all of this in 3 different endings!

Not just that, but you can use special commands at the Terminal to unlock exclusive content!


With a turn-based combat system inspired by "Shin Megami Tensei" and "Tales of" series, exploit the enemies weaknesses to get the advantage in battle and achieve a high combo! Get all the enemies down and unleash a Full Assalt to deal great damage! And, of course, OverCharge your HERZ to onliterate them with a special skill!

Fight against 10 different enemies and 6 bosses (which 4 are secret!) with more than 50 different skills and using different strategies!


Programming, Hud, pixel art, writer, director: Cadu Pinheiro

Arts, character design, Monsters design: @AC_Drawss (twitter)

Composer: @AudioTryhard (Twitter)

Symphony of Chaos (Host Theme) by BBandRage

Release date Jul 31, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Anime, Female Protagonist, JRPG, LGBTQIA, Multiple Endings, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksCadu's Twitter, Artist, Composer


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(2 edits) (+1)

Hi :)

Great story and music, I like a lot the art style of the characters :)

The tilesets are very good too I like them.

All the event in the chat option were fun, though one of them do not seems to work: this one for Irina maid costume 

I have not found Brandon room to check the files on his computer,  I have not figured out how to unlock that blocked door near the core of the ship, Melissa says we still do not have the key.

I have not figured out how to deactivate the gas in the big room with the trees.

I love your game really but the endings I got makes me sad, If I follow Brandon then Brandon,  Elizabeth and Irina dies and if I do not follow everyone dies, 

is there a path where everyone stays alive?

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi there! Thank you so much for playing!

Yes, there is a true ending. To get it you must go to the Brandon's bedroom after getting the strange pendrive and before entering the Command Bridge. It is the first room after the Deck. Go inside and interact with the computer-thing at the corner, then you'll be locked at the true ending. (For some reason, Itch isn't allowing me to post the screenshot here, so use the link to open the image)


To travel the gas you must find an Item called "Gas Mask", it's on the second floor. Finding it and entering that room in the greenhouse let you start a side-quest and explore 3 additional dungeons with exclusive enemies and fight "3" new bosses. You'll be able to unlock that locked door after completing this quest.

And the "Irina: Maid Costume" is indeed bugged. I'm fixing it and will update

Thank you so much for all the explanation :)

Looks like I will have to start all over again since  my 2 saves lead to the bad endings, hopefully this time I will be able to go for true ending :)



I see. Well, good luck then!


Jogo muito bom! 

O CaDu (Ninja da Lua) passou pra mim e joguei em live!!

Aqui estΓ‘ a primeira parte para quem quiser ver


E aqui estΓ‘ a parte 2! 


Parte final!