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You're trapped in school and monsters appeared... The only way out? Playing real-life and mortal chess! Explore complex Gameboards in this First Person Dungeon Crawler and raise the affection with your teammates to get closer to them!

You are the king. You are the school's only salvation!


  • 8 main dungeons planned for the final release and some more extra dungeons.
  • Visual Novel style story.
  • A cooldown-based battle system.
  • PT-BR voice acting.
  • Banging soundtrack!
  • Tons of enemy types!


The Hero is your main character. You'll decide his dialogue options and actions.

Voiced by Cadu Pinheiro

Quinn is a focused girl and the more experient when dealing with Gameboards and Outcasters.

Voiced by @PlsCallMeOni

Stella is a king-hearted girl that loves the obscure. She's also really shy and have problems when socializing with others.

Voiced by Nicole Robaski

Isa is a focused girl that usually takes things way too serious. She's ready to give her own life to save the school.

Voiced by @Ray01023

Tina is an energetic and is always excited to do anything new! however, she hates to be called a shorty.

Voiced by @PldCallMeOni

Sheila don't show much of her expressions, but she always have something on her mind.

Voiced by Maria Pinheiro


Você está preso na escola e monstros apareceram... Sua única saída? Jogar xadrez mortal e real! Explore Tabuleiros complexos nesse Dungeon Crawler em primeira pessoa e aumente sua afinidade com suas companheiras de time para se aproximar delas!

Você é o rei. Você é a única salvação da escola!


  • 8 dungeons principais programadas para o lançamento final e mais algumas dungeons extra.
  • História em estilo Visual Novel.
  • Sistema de batalha baseado em Recarga de habilidades.
  • Vozes em PT-BR.
  • Trilha sonora estilosa!
  • Vários tipos de inimigos!


Side programming:

  • Yep (general plugins)
  • MOG_Hunter (general plugins)
  • Galv (general plugins)
  • KotC (Minimap)
  • SRD (general plugins)
  • CutieVirus (MV3D)
  • Quasi (QPlus plugin)


"Prórroga de Tiempo A" by Patrick de Arteaga (patrickdearteaga.com)

"Enchanted Hollow" by Eric Matyas (soundimage.org)

"Toys Master" by ISAo (airyluvs.com)

I couldn't find the composers of the other songs to credit them. If I used your song, please, contact me to put your name here.

Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date 38 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAnime, First-Person, JRPG, Romance
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese (Brazil)
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


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Exclusive content

Support this game at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

Kurasu School Supporter

Have a custom NPC (being them student, professor or staff) in the game!

It can be a seller, a student complaining about their notes or just the guy sighing because AAA videogames are way too expensive.

NOTE. The School Supporter's NPCs will come in chapter 2.

*We'll contact you by E-Mail to accord the terms.

Special Outcaster

Have a custom boss created by you! 

Given the nature of the Outcasters, it can be literally ANYTHING! Fom a three eyed monkey with laser arms to a cute anime girl with octopus hair. Your imagination is the limit!

NOTE. The Special Outcasters bosses will come in chapter 2.

*We'll contact you by E-Mail to accord the terms.

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(1 edit)

Hi Ninja :)

I finally finished the first chapter,  Interesting story and lovable characters,

good difficulty of dungeon crawler, there times I was lost hehe.

there a few sentences that are not translated in English but I do not mind about it, I get the idea and sometime things are obvious :)

Looking forward the  chapter 2 ❤️❤️

Thank you so much for playing!

Which sentences weren't translated? If you find any, can you send me?

There this one when entering the hole on the wall in the second dungeon

This in battle

I do not know for the skills themselves when the characters use them, did you plan on having them translated too?

though in the menu all is in english

There are 2 time during a moment where they speak in an event where one sentence and its answer were not translated, one in the first dungeon and one in the second dungeon on one of those heart event. I think I saw one more but I cannot say for sure where it was.

For me it is not a problem at all but I am sure some people would complain about this 😓


Ohh, I see. Totally understandable. I'll look for them and post an update.

Thank you so much!

Hey there! Love the art of the game and the gameplay looks really cool!

Also, I was wondering if there's an opportunity to translate this game into Latam's Spanish, I'm willing to do it.

Thank you for the interest! Unfortunately, we have no plans of translating to any new language for now.
We hope you can enjoy the game, however!


Nice cast of characters :)

I do not know why but in my head Quinn was the main hero,  looks like I must have been sleepy or something last time I saw your devlog.


That's alright, Quinn really have a main role in the game so it's just normal to confuse them.